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Duck Diva's Field Report: June 2021

As I write this, it's early June and there's nothing but rain, rain, and more rain. I can't remember another June in my lifetime when we've gotten this much rain.

June is supposed to be a month of watching your crops grow, not a time to watch them get flooded out. June isn't supposed to be about watching the plants rot in the fields or watching the corn blow over or be snapped in two due to the wind. Some crops hadn't even made it into the ground because it was too wet to plant. This is an unbelievable disaster event for everyone in this area.

In just three days, the beans need to be planted for insurance purposes. By the look of things today, that's not going to happen.

If the rain prevents us from planting normal crops in my duck fields, our fallback plan is to grow millet. It's the perfect crop for a situation like the one we're in now. Most varieties have around a 100-day growing cycle, so if we get it planted by September 1, we will be okay. Even better, ducks love millet!

Just how bad is the flooding where I am in Jefferson County and the rest of Arkansas? The videos below tell the story.

How will things turn out? It's anyone's guess. I'll update you in July.

Until then, this is your Duck Diva. Remember, I call the shots!

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