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Duck Diva's Field Report: August 23, 2021

August is almost over....but not quite. We still are keeping an eye on the millet planted for the ducks.

We surveyed the fields yesterday and discovered some things that need attention. We found army worms on one field, so we'll have to deal with those. We will also need to replant some acreage because we didn't have a good stand, crops weren't dense enough, and they needed more water.

My crew will be attending to any and all millet growing issues this week. We have until a bit past September 1st to make it happen....but not much past that date.

Normally, at this time in August, we would be harvesting corn. Not this year. Heavy flooding in June set the harvest back.

We had some showers in the last couple of days, so our farmers are done with watering the crops. It's always a good thing when nature supplies the water. The bill is much lower!

For right now, it's pretty much hurry up and wait. We are waiting for our new, custom-made pits to be ready, and we are awaiting anxiously for the corn to be ready for harvesting.

Once corn harvest starts, the official count down to duck season begins. It may still be hotter than Hades around here, but it won't be long before we're out in the fields watching for those birds!

Signing off for now. Remember, I'm the Duck Diva and I call the shots!

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