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Load Up!
Time To Go Hunting At The Elms

Mallard ducks

Naturally Ducky


Pack plenty of shells, because even if you’re a crack-shot you’re going to need them. You’ll see more different species of ducks in a week than most waterfowlers see in a life. It’s the world-class Mississippi Flyway, home to mallards, gadwall, wigeon, pintail, shovelers and woodies. There are both both blue and green-winged teal, redheads, and canvasbacks. 

Scores Of Specklebelly Geese 


There might be gold in them hills as sure as there are geese in our fields. We primarily chase specks with full-body decoys, but you’ll see scores of snows and blues. You might not believe us when we say the sky can go black with geese, but come see us. You’ll want to see it for yourself. 

Screenshot_2020-10-22 Duck Diva ( origin



As part of the WRP (Wetlands Reserve Program), our fields are designed to be a natural habitat for waterfowl. They incorporate millet, barnyard grass, smart weed, NRCS selected trees and water. We also offer rice, corn, bean fields and flooded timber. Kim’s several thousand acre duck hunting land is comprised of fields ranging in size from 40 to 300 acres.

We also have properties enrolled in CRP (Conservation Reserve Program). These locations are a combination of moist soil management for waterfowl and forestry practices for other wildlife. The Elms provides our (leasees/hunters) with ample foods such as millet, unharvested rice, and soybeans. This food, along with natural cover, provide some of the best hunting in the area!

Great Habitat Makes For Great Waterfowl Hunting


Our habitat is a main reason that the hunting at The Elms is so good. We’ve been a working farm since our founding in 1866. We plant and grow rice, corn and soybeans, and after the combines have done their harvesting we help Mother Nature just a little bit by adding millet, some nutant corn and milo. We’ll timely flood the fields to just the perfect depth so they’re perfect for ducks. 


You’ll Arrive As A Guest And Depart As A Friend


The Duck Diva’s visionary conservation ethic has made The Elms a Valhalla for waterfowl. She is Kim Vassaur Freeman; and her family has owned The Elms for years. Kim comes by her name the Duck Diva honestly, for she’s one of us. Her creation of land stewardship through a series of integrated land-use plans is what makes hunting at The Elms so special. She’s consulted with industry-best conservationists, and enrolled her property in the Wetland Reserve Program, and then builds on her foundation. In addition to the grains and beans she augments her fields with wild millet, duckweed and smartweed. 

Arkansas World-Class Duck Hunting, Field Leases & Lodging • 400 W. Elm Plantation Rd., Altheimer, AR 72004 • (501) 690-0164

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