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Duck Diva's Field Report: April 2021

Here we are in the middle of April already. Planting season is in full swing. The land has been worked up and we've addressed all the usual problems that come up this time of year, such as land leveling and soil nutrition.

Our farmers are planning more cotton this year than they have in the last several years. Cotton is my favorite crop. I grew up hearing "Cotton is king!" Cotton is such a beautiful plant and the fibers inside the bowl are just a miracle. In addition to cotton, we're also planting corn, rice, and soy beans this year.

The land will give back, but a farmer must put nutrients into the soil for the yields to be maximized. Some farmers are tempted to go lean on these vital nutrients because they can cost a lot of money. When they do, however, the yield will tell the tale.

We are in a rainy season right now and it seems like just about the time our farmers are rocking and rolling here comes another few days of rain. But without that rain, we have problems later on. Without the rain to replenish the earth's aquifer, all the wells would run dry.

I feel like Mother Nature knows best even though, at times, we farmers wonder if she is paying attention to the land's needs. At the end of the growing season, in August, we will be wondering where all the rains went. Then we'll be praying to be able to harvest the crops before the rainy season comes back upon us.

As far as I can see, it's so far so good. Everything right now is on schedule.

That's it for this month's update. Duck Diva is signing off now. Remember, I call the shots!

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