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Duck Season is Over [sigh]

Well it’s that sad time of the year again. You know the melancholy feeling you get after Christmas? That’s the feeling I get every year when duck season comes to an end.

This year was different, no doubt. The conversations that dominated around the fire pits were lack of ducks, Covid, and (you guessed it) politics!

As far as discussions on lack of ducks go, there were several different opinions. I hear these opinions year after year. Some say the flight path has varied. Some say it’s just not cold enough up north to push them down. Some say they are stopping in Missouri and not leaving. And some say the birds are just tired of being shot at!!

Well, I certainly don’t know, either, but like everyone else, I have an opinion, which is EVERYTHING CHANGES. Why not embrace the change? Why not roll with the changes, if for no other reason that because you love the sport of duck hunting. Yes, it may be more challenging, but the avid duck hunter will accept the change and go with it and never give it up!!!!

Also, the end of duck season brings the avid goose hunters to town. Those geese are honking and they are everywhere on Barnett Vassaur lands in Arkansas, Jefferson County, no doubt!!

This has been the year for more inquiries for goose hunting and I have seen more excitement for it than ever before. Difference right now is, no one can say there are no Geese!!

They are here for a short while more, so you goose slayers get out there and enjoy lying in those layouts and have some fun. As those hunters and I agree, it is harder than it looks, to be up in the middle of a flock of thousands to have a good kill. Those birds didn’t travel all this way because of a lack of intelligence! They are smart and the sport of it is just that, it is not easy but it is a blast!

You know what they say about the Speckled belly: he is the ribeye of the sky! Delicious to eat no doubt.

This is Duck Diva signing off because, “I call the Shots!”

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