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Duck Diva's Field Report: July 2021

Here we are already in mid July. In one month's time, we went from flood to drought. It's hard to believe, I know!

Today the rains are back. They're not heavy, but they're very much needed. The crops are coming along. They may not be fabulous, but I would say they're slightly better than expected given the 17 inches of water we had sitting on top of the plants for 10 days and in some cases longer.

Mid July is the time in which I start preparing for my duck hunting season. Due to the flood, quite a few of my fields didn't get planted, therefore we will be planting those fields in millet. The millet has already been ordered by our chemical consultant. Even with all the unexpected events that happened with the flood, the consultant told us that there's a shortage of millet and that crop is now in high demand.

Next week, work begins on the Duck Diva‘s YouTube channel videos and instructions. Since this is my 21st year in the duck hunting business, these videos will come rather naturally. They will certainly will be fun!

In these videos, I will explain who I am, what I do, and the process that we go through all the way up to opening day of the hunting season. As in life and business, everything always seems easier than it actually is. With life throwing all sorts of unexpecting things our way, there’s never a dull moment.

After season begins, look for regular YouTube video posts that will go through season and continue year round. I'll be explaining what we do to tear down what was put in place for the hunters, and talking about what we do after season is over to make it possible for our farmers to come in and prepare for the next year’s crop.

We, of course, will not stop there. After season is over, we will have a whole new batch of adventures for you to watch pertaining to our farm, our hospitality, and happenings at the Elms. We're planning road trips to all sorts of fun places, including shrimping in Louisiana, and fishing (both the deep sea and the freshwater kind) in Florida and Alabama. You'll have the chance to go on location with me and the hunting clients that I have met through the years in my business. I am finally getting the opportunity to take them up on invitations to join them at their camps, and you'll get to see it all! That will be a BLAST!

Talk again in August! Until then, stay cool.

This is the Original Duck Diva signing off. Remember, I call the shots!

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