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Duck Diva's Field Report: 2/26/21

Hello, everyone! Things are winding down here The Elms. I have one more weekend of goose hunting then I will be calling the season done.

We had a bit of drama unfold this week. Trespassers and game wardens were involved. That always throws a little excitement into the mix. While it's never fun to call the big guns, when you have a scheduled hunt while unauthorized hunters are poaching, sometimes you just have to make the call. When the poachers say they have permission to hunt on your land when they don't, it's always amusing. It's a lot less funny for the trespassers when they get the $500 fine. I'm pretty sure they're not laughing now. If they would just follow the rules, obey the law, they would avoid a whole lot of trouble.

You can probably see that we take our hunting business seriously. It wasn't always that way. For many years, farmers and landowners allowed anyone to come onto their land and hunt to their heart's content. No one had to pay to hunt in those days. The geese were free for the shooting because they were such a nuisance. Landowners just wanted them gone. It's different today.

We have one more weekend to go and then we call it quits. Hunting season ends and agriculture season begins. Farmers will start preparing the land and then start planting the crops. A few months later, they'll start harvesting the crops, and then we prepare for hunting season all over again.

Until next week, this is the Duck Diva. Remember, I call the shots!

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