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The New Year is Upon Us - Here Come Waves of Ducks and Geese!

Hail call? Feeding chuckle? Comeback call? Lonesome hen? Pleading call? Greeting call? As with the English language, duck-speak also has its complexities. So does picking out a duck call to purchase these days.

You tell us – there must be a hundred or so brands of duck calls on the market today ranging from $19.95 to well over $100 – some even as high as $200! Where to begin when it comes to purchasing a duck call that enables you to, well, sound like a duck? It ain’t as easy any more as choosing between a Haydels or Sure Shot as many of us did when we were earning our duck-stripes.

This is not a product push…really. We do not sell duck calls…we figure enough manufactures are doing it these days. This is only to suggest the founder of Wicked Killer Game Calls, Jared Droze, was kind enough to provide our guides a handful of calls to use this season and we can report…they sound like a duck. Ha. Well, it’s true. The brand name is pretty cool and our guides have suggested they work quite well and our guests have been shooting ducks over them.

Anyway…there are what may seem like a zillon different call brands out there these days, so do some research and give ‘em a try before you buy at a local sport show or at your neighborhood sporting goods store. Or, as we did, we jumped on the horn and talked ducks with Jared. We do warn you however…he will talk ducks and how to call them on, and on…and on…ha. 252-333-0356.

And as with calls, there are so many great waterfowling guns and ammo loads out there today. We use Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 and BOSS ammo here. We try and shoot them all and have found the combination of the above are dang lethal. Course…one needs to hit what one shoots at we figure We will leave you with that tidbit of wisdom…oh my. 

Until next time – make some remembrances over decoys this season with family and friends. At this writing, we are blessed to have two sets of fathers and sons hunting with us. Seems like fowling always brings out fun in all of us – as well as some boastful conversation.

Happy New Year to you all – good hunting.

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