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The Season is Finally Upon Us!

The season is off and running with a “bang” so far in November. Had our first group in, dear friends from Texas who hunted with us last season. They had a wonderful time of it. Their first day opened with limits of specks as well as a handful and a half of ducks. Birds and solid shots were plentiful; laughs all around sewn up with great dog work.

Our days wind down with hors d’ oeuvres and drinks, homestyle dinner followed by some “serious” firepit time where stories and lies are swapped…again and again. All good-natured duck and goose hunting logic


Whereas we saw good flights of specks hitting our properties prior to opener, ducks ironically did not show up until Friday before our Saturday opener. They showed in good numbers and hit our fields in earnest.

Our fields this season had been planted in rice, milo, millet, corn, soybeans and sorghum. Senior guide Mike, who manages agriculture plans with general manager Randy, manicured our fields after harvest this early fall by digging dikes into specific areas of our fields so water could be strategically utilized and waterfowl controlled much more efficiently than hunting over a typical, large flooded field. This year we offer pits, skid-pits and above-ground blinds to hunt from depending upon where our guides have located birds and determined to hunt for the day.

We look forward to the season as it unfolds, and look forward equally as much to seeing return guests from seasons past and meeting and spending time with new ones. Either way, we will strengthen existing friendships and forge new ones.

Speaking of friends, friendships and families…we wish you and your family a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season, it serves to bring friends and family together from near, far and wide. It is a day to be together with those you love to share memories of days past, to laugh and to ponder days ahead and days afield with great flights of fowl, great shots and great retrieves by stellar labs and versatile retrievers.

From all of us at The Elms to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving.

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