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Game On!!

December is Here – Ducks and Geese Have Flooded The Elms!

When the calendar turns to December (and January to follow) huge flights of ducks and geese arrive deep in the heart of duck country just outside of Stuttgart, AR. This is where you’ll find The Elms – a short drive from the Little Rock airport – a 20 minute skip and a jump from the city of Stuttgart and Mack’s Prairie Wings – nestled deep in the South and directly in the heart of one of America’s finest duck and goose hunting destinations.

Mallards, pinnies, gaddies, baldpate, specks, snows and blues…oh my. Puddle ducks love our flooded rice fields while geese pour into our dry ag fields, but do drop in on occasion to tip off a hunt over cut rice. Be they ducks or geese, or both, a hunt at The Elms is always a fun outing where memories are made.

Corporate team-building outing or just a package hunt with family or friends – it’s your hunt so you make the call. Our seasoned guides and stellar retrievers will do their absolute best to ensure yours is one for the ages and one that you and friends will recall with the fondest of remembrance.

A before the hunt continental breakfast? An after the morning hunt brunch? Drinks before dinner followed by home style cooking? Yes, we will cater to your culinary needs and pamper you all along the way…it is our distinct honor to serve you and your group to the best of our abilities. After dinner drinks…well, you make the call.

Please come see and hunt with us at The Elms sometime soon. We have a few great slots on our hunt-calendar still available during the regular season as well as a handful of solid dates which remain during the snow and blue conservation season. We are here to serve…just let us know how!

Contact our general manager Bob to discuss an outing. We warn you though…just like you he is a seasoned and life-long waterfowler so the conversation may drag on…but in the best of ways! You can reach Bob online at or give him a ring at 843-247-3000. Either way, he’d be pleased to visit and will fill you in on all things “The Elms.”

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