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Duck Diva September 2022 Blog

Get down – shoot - miss – reload and get ready all over again!! It must be the first duck season! Zip, zip, zoom, zoom…they are here and gone in a flash. We waterfowl hunters know the drill.

This year, the first waterfowl season in Arkansas runs from November 19-27. While we witness some early flights of larger puddle ducks at this time, we are able to enjoy great hunts on teal…primarily of the green-winged variety. Yes indeed, a few blues still remain, but it’s green-winged that bring hunters to The Elms.

A favorite here at The Elms with me and the crew is teal on the grill as an appetizer. First, marinade for a few hours; next lay in a heavy dose of cream cheese; then wrap ‘em up in fresh jalapeno, tip with bacon (making me hungry just writing this)…apply high heat and away we go! A suggestion if you try these yourself at home is to turn the grill up high, but cook poppers quickly. Overcooked duck is, well, overcooked duck. Red in the center is how we like and serve our duck at The Elms Lodge. Add an ice-cold beer and you’re set for tales of great shots, solid gunning and peerless retrieves.

We still have a few remaining first-season slots in November. Be fun to get you and your pack of friends to the lodge to hunt them with us. I’d like to invite you, if you’d like to explore more, to call our general manager Bob Edwards at 843-247-3000 or send him an email at He’s a fabulous guy who, like me and you, loves to hunt waterfowl not only in our first season, but in our mid and late season as well.

While the first season comes and goes so very quickly, it is a most wonderful precursor to December and January when larger puddle ducks and geese flood the grounds at The Elms.

We’d love to have you join us sometime in the 2022/2023 season to explore waterfowling hunting like no other, tempting cocktails, delectable cuisine, exemplary customer service and our unique Southern hospitality.

Everything we do is for you, our valued customer and dear friend.

Until next time,

Duck Diva

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