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Duck Diva Blog for June 2022

Spring is now in full-swing at The Elms Lodge. Things are popping up everywhere from greenery around the Plantation House to crops across the countryside. And, the boys are busy adding onto, and remodeling, our hunter cabins for more comfort and more room for hunters to spread into this coming season. As with all others, spring is certainly a busy season here in Altheimer.

Good news, sad news for me: my black lab pup Jack is now in great hands in Pierce County, GA with Keith Farmer at Tremblin’ Earth Kennels. So, while I miss Jack dearly and seeing him each and every day at the lodge, I know this is necessary so he can become everything he is bred to be…a peerless hunting dog. Jack was delivered to me by ColMorg British Labs in High Springs, FL. Both kennels came highly recommended to me. I’m thrilled of Jack’s breeding, temperament, style and grace and so look forward to visiting him in Georgia from time to time to witness his progress under Keith and team’s kind, but firm, hands.

The Labrador retriever is the most popular breed of dog in the United States. After a little study I came to find the breed topped the American Kennel Club’s list for the 31st consecutive year. The AKC recognizes 197 different breeds, so this is truly saying something. Can you tell I love and miss my Jack? Ha.

Labs have always been my favorite breed and I am elated to have another one at the lodge. Jack’s training will enable him to hunt for you this coming season. I think we who hunt with Jack this fall and winter may need a little patience. While he’ll be a finished dog come mid-season, it will never the less be his first season in a blind retrieving your favorite species of ducks; and perhaps a goose or two.

I’ll enjoy spring for now, but I must admit I can't wait until Jack is back here at home retrieving birds for you! Upon this writing, Jack is being introduced to pigeons as well as basic obedience training. Am told he has loved his time with pigeons. It does not take long for a good handler to see if a bird dog is “birdy” or not. I was sent a video of him the other day circling a pair of pigeons in a crate. Needless to say, Jack is very, very birdy.

Well…enough of my favorite pup and back to the matter at hand – may you and your family enjoy spring, and this month of June, as well as all the wonderful things which come to be in this season of life, this season of rebirth.

Your friend,

Duck Diva

Ps: special thanks to @colmorgbritlabs for Jack’s breeding and bringing him into my life and @tremblinearthkennels for taking him and making him into the dog he is meant to be.

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