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Duck Diva Blog for July 2022

July. Hard to believe another July is upon us. America has just shared its July 4 which has such special meaning to we Americans who still love and respect the red white and blue of our flag and everything it represents. There are many factions, many people out there today who damn our flag; damn the meaning behind the flag; and damn the independence we have. All Americans are welcome to their thoughts and thinking, but I hold steadfast to the contrary.

May God bless those in the past who fought so hard, who gave all, to shape and mold an America based on liberty and freedom. And may God bless those today who continue to protect this great country of ours.

Know what, I am proud to stand on my soapbox of freedom, liberty, and “we the people” because I always have and always will believe in our country, our founding fathers and the constitution our county was built upon. I’ve never been more proud to be an American and for everything that our great country stands for. Sure, our republic is not perfect, but it is the most wonderful republic in the entire world. I fear many today have been indoctrinated not to fully understand and grasp the meaning of our country and liberties we share. However, I remain optimistically hopeful that the greater majority of we Americans understand who we are and what we are all about and what this great country means to all of us – and means to the entire world.

Anyway, July 4 holds such special meaning for me and my family and will continue as the years pass. Let freedom ring: we live in the finest country bar none. Today and always, I wish you well and hope you and family enjoy the freedoms and liberties we the people are so fortunate to have. With love and respects, The Duck Diva.

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