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Arkansas 2023/2024 Waterfowl Season Dates Set!

Time to plan a trip to remember

Seasons come and seasons go. All is true for you, the waterfowler. Anticipation followed by memories of great hunts, great friendships and optimism for seasons-to-come.

Speaking of seasons-to-come, dates for the upcoming Arkansas 2023/2024 waterfowl season have been released…(and dates we know you are looking forward to!):

Early Speck: Oct 28 – Nov 10

Duck & Goose: Nov 25 – Dec 3; Dec. 9 – 23; Dec 27 – Jan 31, 2024

Snows and Blues: Oct 28 – Nov 10; Nov 25 – Dec 3; Dec 9 – 23; Dec 27 – Jan 31, 2024

Specks on the horizon! We’ve brought onboard a local speck specialist. He knows and constantly follows these wonderful birds on our fields and throughout the area. Instead of run-of-the-mill silhouette and sock decoys most outfitters use, he utilizes 100 plus full-body decoys. The good news for you in all of this is specks react much more favorably to full body than two-dimensional and limp-sock decoys. Unlike snows and blues, specks communicate back and forth with the caller and decoy much more readily – all told, specks make for an amazing and memorable hunt.

The early speck season runs for 14 consecutive days which provide ample opportunity for you to come hunt with us and experience small flocks of these beautiful trophies tipping into full body decoys. As fun as they are to hunt, they are delectable table fare. Add some piping hot veggies, hot buttered bread and a bottle of red and you are on your way to a culinary delight.

If you prefer scores of mallards, pinnies, gaddies, widgeon and teal along with the occasional spoonie over flooded rice, let’s set some dates for you and your pack of friends. Or, bring family members to the Elms to enjoy great days over decoys with one of our experienced guides and fit labs.

Be they specks or puddle ducks, let's get together and make some memories at The Elms for your group to recall for years and years to come.

Please do call our Melissa King at 312-350-8807 or email her at for availabilities and pricing. We'd love to see you and have you experience all things The Elms.

Duck Diva

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