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A Recap of the 2022/2023 Season - Some Good…Some Not So Good

As our regular 2022/2023 has ended, while some guests continue to chase snows and blues on our properties during the Conservation Order season, we always like to go back to take stock of the season that was. Of even greater importance to enable you to make memories with your hunting partners here at The Elms, we look for ways to improve and to continue to build The Elms into one of the premier hunting locations in the Mississippi Flyway.

This past season started with a bang and with good hunting results. However, Mother Nature threw us a nasty curve ball mid-season with close to six inches of rain within a week and a half. We experienced buckets of rain in the area, but also hail, thunder and lighting and a few twisters to boot. The outcome delivered some results which were tough to manage: fields became over-flooded with standing food sources under water; our roads and trails to get to pits were laid heavy with mud; our pits drowning in water; and something we’ve not seen in many, many years…it was as if the storms that ravaged the area pushed ducks and geese which were using our fields and the area as a whole far, far, away.

Some believe ducks took refuge in warmer, Southern climes or headed to timber. Others believe snows and blues headed north to Missouri where flooded corn fields provided ample food and, how do these birds know, seasons were closed so they found no hunting pressure. Whatever the explanation really is, and we may never know, we found many fewer birds across the area after these severe storms pressed through.

Needless to say, Mother Nature was unkind, but we shall persevere!

So, the question which lies before us as we ponder and plan for the 2023/2024 season, as always, is how can we continue to improve the experience at The Elms through things under our control.

First are our hunting fields. We are taking steps which will cause our fields to be even more “duck-friendly.” We’ve already had meetings with our two core farmers who, under our direction, will work with us to plant, harvest and manage the 900 acres surrounding our cabins and the numerous fields we possess outside of the Home 900. We are extremely excited on this new and improved plan which will make us even more “ducky” in the future As well, we will move some of our pit blinds this summer and add additional ones.

We added onto and remodeled one of our cabins this year to make it more comfortable for you, the hunter, and will also make some modifications to our other cabin. Additionally, we are working on new entrees to serve you for dinner so we round off a day afield with your best interests in mind.

We know hunters will take light geese during the 2023 Conservation Order season on our fields (and do call if you are an outfitter wanting to lease some fields or a hunter with a pack of pals who would like your own self-guided hunt), but we are primarily focused on the 2023/2024 season to come…we can’t wait and know you cannot either!

See us online if you’d like to visit on a special hunt for you, friends or family this coming season…we’d love to explain what we offer and how we can make your hunt a most memorable one.

Duck Diva

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