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Duck Diva's Field Report: 2/19/21

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Hunters with the harvest on Tuesday, 2/16/21.

Wow! Thing are wild here in Jefferson County. The news anchors are saying that we haven't had this much snow since1975, and more on its way!

As for the snow goose, even the average 12-year-old bird is a bit challenged. The geese melt the ice on their roost with their body heat, but yesterday’s hunt was challenging because it snowed 12 inches while our hunters were hunting. Plus, the shooting skill and ability of the hunters is an on going battle. Shooting while lying down is a skill that some people simply can't master. That complicates the situation.

The haul on Wednesday, 2/17/21.

The investment of $15-20k in equipment alone is nothing for the average Goose outfitter. To offer the birds more realistic spread is best if you really are looking for large bird harvest.

On another note, I am told that many people believe that the louder the electronic call the better, however I go with the theory that it's best to set the column on less than 20% of max volume. That gives you a more realistic sound, which carries and spreads further. Going with less is best!

If all goes as planned, we have about another week of snow goose hunting in Jefferson County. In next weeks blog, I'll talk about where we are headed to hunt next.

For now, this is The Duck Diva signing off. Remember, I call the shots!

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